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Enjoy the freshest coffee, tea, cakes, treats
and sandwiches in town!


Our Coffee Shop


Come and visit our flagship patisserie and bakery on the Rochester High Street.

We always pride ourselves on using as much local produce as possible and using the best ingredients we can source.

We have an exceptional range of freshly baked cakes, sweet treats, savoury pastries and a yummy array of sandwich fillings for your baguette, wrap or toasted panini.

Eat in or take away - our menu has something for everyone!

Coffee Maker

Gift Cards

Available in store!


Our Cafe

Come and visit us at our newest cafe at the Eastgate gardens just off

the Rochester High Street.

Lenny's of Eastgate flourishes as a holistic haven nestled within the
Eastgate Gardens. This dog-friendly and child-friendly cafe beckons visitors with its serene setting, allowing families to savour wholesome moments amid nature's beauty.


As an oasis of tranquility, Lenny's embraces a warm, inclusive atmosphere, making it the perfect destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of culinary delights and joyful communal experiences in the heart of East Gate Gardens.

Our menu is limited but offers family favourites and is fully licensed.

Visit our Lenny's of Eastgate website to find out more!

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Need a venue?

Whether you're planning a cozy gathering, a lively celebration, or a simple get-together, our top-floor venue space is here to exceed your expectations. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that seamlessly blends elegance and comfort, creating the perfect backdrop for your unique occasion.

Enquire now for baby showers, engagement parties,
birthday parties, wakes, or anything!

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Afternoon Tea

Special Occasion?

Enjoy a specially made Afternoon Tea for a

special birthday, anniversary, or baby shower celebration.

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Order a special Afternoon Tea to enjoy at home or book a special time and day to enjoy an Afternoon tea at one of our locations - either Lenny's of Rochester on the High Street or Lenny's of Eastgate in the gardens at the East gate.


Party Platters

We can help with the catering of your event.

We make-up and supply the freshest sandwiches, pastries and cake platters for your party... just ask!


Our home, our town,
our High Street...


The City of Rochester has grown from a small Saxon village to one of England’s finest cities. Romans came over in 43AD and made Rochester one of their most important towns by building a stronghold and a bridge over the River Medway.

One of Rochester's most famous connections is that with Charles Dickens. His family moved to Chatham when he was five years of age. Many of Dickens's novels included references to Rochester and the surrounding area where today two festivals are held in his honour, the Dickens and Dickensian Christmas Festival.

The annual Sweeps Festival brings an extravaganza of colour, music and atmosphere, attracting thousands of visitors to Rochester. The festival owes its roots to age old traditions. Sweeping chimneys was a dirty but necessary trade nearly 300 years ago. It was hard work for the sweeps and even harder toil for the chimney boys.

Rochester comes alive with the celebration of Charles Dickens in the first week of June celebrating the works of the great novelist with the ‘Dickens Festival.’ Many visitors from all over the country and across the globe come to Rochester to see this extraordinary festival.

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